Nation's health care reforms examined

United Nations Health Partners Group in China, led by the World Health Organization (WHO), working closely with the Ministry of Health, recently released their China country health assessment report in July 2005. International experts at the said group agree China has made huge progress in its health situation during the past half century, but they also call for major efforts from the government and the society to co-operate to take China's healthcare reform to the next level.

At the 14th CEO roundtable on August 26, 2005, themed "Healthcare Reforms in China" and organized by China Daily, about 50 CEO and senior executives from multinational companies, hospitals, NGOs, drugs and insurance companies got together for a strategic dialogue chaired by Professor Liu Yuanli, director, China Initiative, Harvard School of Public Health and Dr Henk Bekedam, China representative, WHO.

Flexibility, training recommended

I would like to point out at the outset that judging health sector performance is inherently a very difficult and complicated business. You cannot as easily say that a country's health sector has done extremely well or has totally failed, because one can use different performance criteria such as equity, efficiency, and quality, which can be defined and measured in different ways. There is no international consensus on what would be the best measurement to use.

Global business coalition on HIV/AIDS

China's health officials are currently faced with some of the country's most pressing and unprecedented issues regarding public health and social development. In this setting, the debate rages on about reforms of the nation's health care system.

The role of private sector in nation's health care reforms

Alexander Wan: What would you like to tell our readers?

Allan Gabor, Pfizer: Pfizer is a pharmaceutical company with strong global resources and capacities, and would like to build partnerships among the public, private, and patient health sectors to support health care reforms.

We believe that emphasizing prevention, wellness, early diagnosis and early treatment can keep disease from many personal health care disasters. Pfizer China has provided philanthropic patient education on disease awareness on many disease categories, such as cardiovascular disease, mental disease, infectious diseases, men's health, hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS even though we don't have products right now for hepatitis B and HIV/AIDS in China. On average, there is savings of more than US$2 for every US$1 invested in early prevention programs.

Healthcare has to be accessible

Over the past month or so, health care reform in China has been the subject of much discussion and public debate in the wake of a report issued by the Development Research Centre (DRC) of the State Council with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UK Department of International Development.

The report takes a long, hard look at China's health care reform process - and candidly lists the challenges of the past, the present and the future.

Health care reform has been firmly on the government's agenda for some time now. The DRC study has elevated the discussion to a new level - and, at the same time, narrowed the debate to defining more clearly the role of the government when it comes to reinvesting in health. The question remains: how to do this? Where should government funding be focused? What should the levels of expenditure be? What are the mechanisms that need to be created and strengthened? How can these best be implemented?

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The 14th China Daily CEO Roundtable

Honourary Chairmen

Mr. Liu Yuanli
Director, China Initiative, Harvard School of Public Health

Dr Henk Bekedam, representative, China, World Health Organization (WHO)

Host Chairmen

Mr. Qu Yingpu
Editorial board member, China Daily

  Mr. Alexander Wan
Executive Editor, China Daily CEO Roundtable
List of Delegates
Name   Campany   Title  
Mr. Allan L. Lam   AXA-Minmetals Assurance Co. Ltd   President & CEO  
Mr. William Valentino   Bayer (China) Ltd
  General Manager, Corporate communications, Greater China  
Dr Eric Bouteiller
  Beaufour-Ipsen (Tianjin) Pharmaceutical   General Manager  
Mr John Williams

  Beijing International (SOS) Clinic   Managing Director, China  
Mr Patrick Tse   Booz Allen Hamilton   Head, Financial Services Practice, Greater China  
Mr Victor Lazzaro
  Capitis-China   Executive Vice-President and General Manager  
Mr. Zhongyuan Li
  China Healthcare Holdings Limited   Chairman  
Mr. David Wood
  The Chinacare Group   President & Senior Partner  
Ms. Roberta Lipson   Beijing United Family Hospital and Clinics   Chairwoman  
Mr. Ron R.Kuang
  CIGNA Corporation Beijing Representative Office   Chief Representative  
Ms. Christina Ho Clinton Foundation Deputy Director, HIV/AIDS Initiative China Office  
Mr.Jimmy Chan   Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu CPA Ltd   Partner, Financial Advisory Services  
Mr. Robert A. Go Deloitte Consulting LLP Global Managing Director, Global Life Sciences and Health Care Practice  
Mr. Giorgio Magistrelli European Union Chamber of Commerce Executive General Manager, China  
Mr. Mark Engel   Excel PharmaStudies Inc.   President  
Ms. Betsy Li
  Glaxosmithkline (China) Investment Co. Ltd   Corporate Affairs Director, China/Hong Kong  
Mr Stanley K. C. Tam
  Harvard Medical School, Shanghai Pudong Huashan Hospital   President & CEO  
Mr. Jean-Francois Gillard ING Bank N.V. Country Manager, Hong Kong & China  
Ms. Yu Jiadi   International Financing Corporation (IFC)   Associate Investment Officer, Resident Mission in China  
Mr. Ray Brooks International Monetary Fund (IMF) Senior Resident Representative  
Prof. Dennis Driscoll International Law Association (Irish Branch) President  
Mr. Fujiya Koji Japan International Cooperation Agency China Office (JICA) Deputy Resident Representative  
Ms Anne Zhang   L'OREAL China   Scientific Director  
Mr Yong Feng   Ministry of Health   Director, Division of General Affairs, Department of Int'l Cooperation  
Mr. Junhua Zhang   Ministry of Health   Assisstant-Director General, Health Human Resources development Center  
Mr. Peter Liu   Non-public Medical Institution Association of Chao Yang, Beijing   President  
Mr. Jeffrey Li Novartis Overseas Investments AG Beijing Representative Office Country President & Chief Representative  
Mr. E. Allan Gabor Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Limited Chairman and General Manager  
Mr. David Jin Philips Medical Systems Sr. Vice President & CEO, Greater China  
Prof. Youqiang Wang Tsinghua University Associate Dean, School of Public Policy & Management  
Prof. Xue Lei Tsinghua University Associate Dean, School of Economics and Management  
Dr Felicia Deng Tsinghua University Assistant Director, School of Economics and Management  
Ms. Zhang Fangfang Tsinghua University Project Manager, School of Public Policy and Management  
Dr. Joel Rehnstrom   The Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS China Office (UNAIDS) Country Coordinator  
Ms. Xiaoqing Yu   The World Bank Office Beijing   Sector Coordinator for Human Development  
Mr. Roy Wadia World Health Organization (WHO) Media Relations and Spokesman, China  
Mr. Zhou Li   China Daily   Producer, China Daily CEO Roundtable