Roundtable lays out way ahead for multinationals
By Alexander Wan and Alsons Chan

"Products and services will have to be made for China, if they are to match the demand of the vast number of Chinese consumers in both urban and rural areas," said Ying Yeh, chairwoman of Kodak Greater China Region and an honorary chairwoman of the eighth China Daily CEO Roundtable held under the theme "Address the New China, the Road Ahead for Multinational Companies," held on Friday in Hong Kong.

Branding, talent, further localization, maintaining international service standards, developing rural areas, a long-term view, readiness to compete with local companies and working closely with both central and local governments were the focus of discussion.

At the luncheon held on Friday, 20 China-based CEOs and senior executives of the world's largest companies such as HSBC, ExxonMobil, Disney, Wal-Mart, Deloitte, O&M, 3M, Oracle, and Bloomberg in charge of banking, finance, insurance, consulting, consumer products, media, entertainment, sport, retail, lifestyle products, energy, and IT, gathered to address some common but strategic concerns relating to the challenges and opportunities being brought about by the development in China of a xiaokang society - one that is moderately well-off.

While delegates were upbeat about China's sustained economic growth, Honorary Chairwoman Ying Yeh stressed that multinationals must be realistic in their consumer strategies and be aware of government policies to achieve a mutually beneficial situation. "Do your reality check as frequently as possible, paying particular attention to government policies," Ying suggested. The past seven years were just phenomenal in terms of China's economic growth, and, as of today, China has overtaken the United States as the world's number one consumer market, beating it in four out of five key sectors, apart from energy consumption, Ying stressed.

However when looking into the relative income growth between those in urban and rural areas, Ying cautioned that the income gap has actually widened and this should be closely monitored.

Event proves effective

China Daily has successfully organized eight CEO roundtables participated in by over 250 CEOs and senior executives of multinational companies operating in China.

"They are the movers and shakers of business in China," said Alexander Wan, programme director of China Daily Roundtable. Delegates were invited out of a carefully developed database so that they will be able to be representative of their own industries and sectors.

China Daily CEO Roundtable


The China Daily CEO Roundtable, the first in China by the China Daily Group.

China Daily CEO Roundtable, the first of its kind in China, is a unique and strategic service tailored made for CEOs of multinational companies provided by the China Daily Group for the global business community.

The China Daily CEO Roundtable, Who

The fast development of China both as a world factory and a world market has attracted Fortune 500 companies. China's FDI in 2004 exceeded US$50 billion and ranked top internationally. However, the gigantic size and complexity of the Chinese market trigger both opportunities and challenges for multinational companies. In fact, CEOs around the world share the common China dream and in some case, nightmares. The collective learning on China amongst CEOs is therefore hugely in demand. China Daily CEO Roundtable is specifically developed to serve such needs of CEOs. CEO delegates will all be by invitation to achieve the highest level of relevancy.

Scope of the China Daily CEO Roundtable, What

Our CEO Roundtable discusses and explores major topics that are of strategic impact to the Chinese economy. Topics cover strategic, operational and functional management issues such as macro economy, regionalization, globalization, WTO compliances, investments, branding, competition, corporate governance, leadership development, outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions, research and developments, etc.

Format of the China Daily CEO Roundtable, How

We fully understand the busy schedule of our CEO delegates. Our CEO roundtable luncheon program, usually from 12.00 noon to 2.30 PM, is carefully designed to maximize collective learning and network establishment. Roundtables will be chaired by the most respectable and probably most knowledgeable CEO(s) on topics selected.

Post Roundtable: Telling the World

Full page coverage on key discussion points will be published on the national, international and Hong Kong editions of China Daily after the roundtable. The same will also be posted on our global website for long term reference. Additionally, in order to provoke further thoughts and sharing of insights, we will deliver such materials to selective CEOs for their comments and reference.

We welcome the CEOs of blue-chip companies and industry leaders to contact us if they would like to participate in these forthcoming CEO roundtables. Pls email to

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Asia News Network / China Daily CEO Roundtable
Honourary Chairpersons

Ms. Ying Yeh
Chairwoman of Greater China Region, Eastman Kodak

Mr. Cassian Cheung
President, Wal-Mart China

  Mr. Alexander Wan
Advisor, China Daily Hong Kong Limited

List of Delegates
Name Campany   Title  
Ms. Lynne Ronon
Burberry Asia Ltd Senior Vice President, North Asia  
Mr. P D Yip The Hongkong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited
Chief Executive China Business  
Mr. Stanley Cheung
Walt Disney (Shanghai) Company Limited Managing Director  
Mr. Charlie C. Lin

Sino Land Company Limited   Associate Director and General Manager (Leasing, Property Management and China Projects)  
Mr. Mark Fischer
NBA Asia, Limited   Managing Director - China  
Mr. Arics Poon
Oracle Systems Hong Kong Limited   Managing Director, South China and Hong Kong  
Mr. Ivan Yuan
China Entertainment Television
Broadcast Ltd
Chief Executive Officer  
Mr. Peter Bowie
Deloitte Chief Executive Officer, China  
Mr. Stephen Mosely L'Oreal President and Managing Director, Taiwan/ Hong Kong/
Mr. Steven Yung
Clear Media Limited Chairman  
Mr. Joseph Wang Ogilvy & Mather Greater China Chairman & CEO, Southern China; Vice Chairman, China  
Mr. Richard Leung
DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited Country Head, China  
Mr. James Ogilvy-Stuart Bloomberg Director of Sales, North Asia  
Mr. Geroge T.S. Chao 3M Hong Kong Limited Managing Director  
Mr. John Chu
Centro Digital Pictures Ltd   BBS, Chairman & CEO  
Mr. Paul Menzies
CIGNA Worldwide Insurance
Chief Executive Officer  
Dr. Stephen S. F. Wong ExxonMobil Energy Limited   President, Greater China Gas Marketing