Globalizing Chinese brand names
By Jian Er

The determination of Chinese enterprises to raise themselves from the lower rung of the value-added chain and establish international recognized brand names is not in doubt. But the road to achieving those goals is going to be long and challenging, according to experts and senior executives who attended the fifth China Daily CEO Roundtable themed "Globalizing Chinese Brands" in Hong Kong yesterday.

Those challenges touch on wide ranging issues, including corporate governance, management vision, investment foresight and, as many participants agreed, the willingness to revolutionize the established mindset that has dominated Chinese corporate culture for years.

To succeed in the international marketplace, Chinese enterprises must strive for originality in design and excellence in quality, the experts said.

They also must learn to respect intellectual property rights as rampant piracy of ideas and of products has virtually choked off major investment in research and development by many mainland enterprises.

The question raised repeatedly at the conference was why would a Chinese enterprise want to develop their own products to benefit unscrupulous pirates?

Despite the daunting challenges, the need for brand building is reverberating through many corporate boardrooms in China. As Professor Wang Zhile, director of Research Centre for Transnational Corporations under the Ministry of Commerce, said, the production process at the bottom of the smile curve makes little value, while design and marketing processes stand at the upper-end of the curve and have much wider profit margins.


Making national products popular
By You Nuo

Unlike their high-profile fellow athletes, there were Chinese fighting on another front at the 2004 Athens Olympics.

They were promoting Chinese brands.

Maybe you didn't notice, but Wang Weiqun, editor of the Beijing-based trade journal Successful Marketing will tell you, the footware for the US and Spanish basketballers was furnished by Li Ning, a mainland sportsware manufacturer named after its founder, China's accomplished gymnastics champion who won three gold medals at the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984.

Nike was the sponsor of the Chinese basketball team.

But Li-Ning was just one of the Chinese brands learning to compete with overseas rivals and brands by taking advantage of the Athens Games.

Q&A on China Daily CEO Roundtable


Alexander Wan, Executive Editor, China Daily CEO Roundable

Q: What is the objective of China Daily's CEO Roundtable meeting?

A: The strategic objective of China Daily's CEO Roundtable meeting is to bring together CEOs of multinational companies the movers and shakers in business to get together, to address each other and share their views on major Chinese economic, business, industry and management issues.

Q: How many CEO Roundtable meetings have you organized?

A: So far, five CEO roundtable meetings have been held in Hong Kong, centering on China's regional economy, its reining-in of the overheating economy, and the role of Hong Kong in building China's 21st century financial system, China's entertainment industry development and Chinese brands' globalization. A 100 per cent turnout rate has been achieved during the previous Roundtable meetings.

We are honoured to have had this turnout. Delegates openly and sincerely made their comments with a high level of relevance and professionalism. We are grateful to Professor Michael Enright from the University of Hong Kong; Professor Edward Chen of Lingnan University; Mr Vincent Cheng, vice chairman and chief executive of Hang Seng Bank Ltd, who acted as the honorary chairmen for the previous three roundtable meetings.

Mr Stephen Marcopoto, President and Managing Director of Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific; Mr Charles Chau, Managing Director of MTV Networks North Asia; and Mr Jun Tang, Vice President of China Affairs the Walt Disney Company, co-chaired the fourth Roundtable meetings on "Entertaining the Nation."

Professor Wang Zhile Of the Ministry of Commerce chaired the 5th CEO Roundtable on Globalizing Chinese Brands today.
Overall, we are quite satisfied as China's first newspaper in organizing such CEO-targetted events.

Q: What are your future plans for China Daily's CEO Roundtable meetings?

A: On November 12, Mr. Hugues Witvoet, President of LVMH Investment Asia, will chair a roundtable which will gather luxury consumer brands on a "Lifestyle China" topic to take a look at the surging demand of luxury goods and consumer brands in China's metropolitan cities.

On December 3, China Daily will join hands with Asia News Network (ANN), a group of 14 major English language newspapers in Aisa, to look ahead on "China's Economy in 2005 and Beyond".

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  Senior Executives at 5th CDRT  
Honourary Chairman
  Professor Wang Zhile, Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China  
List of Delegates
Name Campany   Title  
Kin Ping Wong
Bird International Ltd.   Director  
Kensaku Konishi Canon Hong Kong Co., Ltd.   President & CEO  
Zhou Liqun
China Everbright Limited   Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer  
Li Wen

China Minsheng Banking Corp., Ltd.   Representative  
Zheng Hong Qing

China Travel Service (Holdings) H.K. Ltd.   Director  
Ye Feng Ping

China Unicom Limited   Executive Director and Vice President  
Qun Liao

Citic Ka Wah Bank Limited   Vice President, Strategy and Planning, China Banking  
Antony Chow

Euro RSCG Worldwide   Executive Vice President, Grand China  
Nancy S. Payne

Fleishman-Hillard Hong Kong Ltd.   General Manager and Senior Vice President  
Matthew de Villiers

FutureBrand   Chief Executive Officer, Asia Pacific  
Po Cheung

FutureBrand   Managing Director, China  
Peter Lo

Harbin Brewery Group Limited   Chief Executive Officer  
Charles Ng

Hong Kong Designers Association   Chairman  
Kam Cheong Li

Hong Kong Institute of Marketing   Chairman  
Frank Chen

Interbrand China   Managing Director  
Breck McCormack

International Management Group   President, Asia & Pacific  
Toa Charm

Kingdee International Software Group (H.K.) Ltd.   General Manager, Asia Pacific  
Jim C. Tsao

Lam Soon Food (Hong Kong) Limited   Group Managing Director  
Janice Chan

M & C Saatchi   Managing Director, Greater China  
Joseph Wang

Ogilvy & Mather Greater China   Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, Southern China  
Liang Kai Ping

Shum Yip Holdings Co., Ltd.   Director & Vice President  
Philip H.K. Leung

Sonca Products Limited   Manufacturing Director  
Henry Steiner

Steiner & Co.   Managing Director  
Richard Tsang Strategic Financial Relations Group   Chairman & Managing Director  
Zhou Jie

The Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association   Vice Chairman and Chief Executive  
Zhou Ping

The People's Insurance Company of China (Hong Kong), Ltd.
  Director & General Manger  
Mak Chi Wing

Tsingtao Beer (H.K.) Trading Co., Ltd.   Deputy General Manager  
Zhao Wei The Investment Promotion Bureau of Chaoyang District, Beijing China Section Chief, Investment Promotion Section
Su Jing The Investment Promotion Bureau of Chaoyang District, Beijing China
  Vice Director