Small motors drive big engine
Academic: Focus should be on regional difference

China is not one big economic behemoth growing at 8-9 per cent a year, but rather a series of regional economies.

If you look at it province by province, you will discover up to 100 economies loosely coupled together some galloping at breakneck speed while others lagging a little further behind, according to Professor Michael Enright from the University of Hong Kong.

  People in regions deserve fair share

Traditionally, the Chinese have always sought balance in all aspects of life as can be seen with the Confucian Golden Mean. But the notion may be more idealistic than realistic, particularly when considering economic concepts.

The economies of China and the United States are not on an equal footing. But it is precisely because of vast discrepancies in wage levels and lower costs that China, with a per capita gross domestic product (GDP) level comparable to less than one-20th of the United States, can compete with the North American country in the world market and be considered an equal trading partner.

Brief Introduction

China Daily CEO Roundtable (CDRT), a Hong Kong-based division of China Daily Group, provides opportunities for senior executives from multinational companies to share, learn and probe issues with speakers in open discussions about China's economic development and the business challenges the nation faces.
It is run as an informal meeting where movers and shakers well-versed in business in China can brainstorm.

Over 30 top executives from Hong Kong's business community gathered on April 20, 2004 for the first CDRT. Discussion centred around China's uneven regional development and how it will impact on foreign investment and business expansion within the country.

CDRT will now be taken on the road to other cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, so participants can access local government officials, companies and the executives of multinationals in an interactive setting.

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  Senior Executives at 1st CDRT  
  Company Name  
  Orient Overseas
C C Tung  
  Zurich Insurance Group Peter Schelling  
  CITIC Pacific Group Vernon Moore  
  EDS Asia and Japan Jay Davis  
  China Everbright International Chen Xiaoping  
  China Advantage Resourcing Alexander Wan  
  British Consulate General Kate Harrison  
  C & L Holdings Raymond Leung  
  CCI Asia-Pacific Tom Goaman  
  Chubb Group of Insurance Andre Dallaire  
  Citigroup Asia Margaret Ren  
  Citibank Global Anup Mysoor  
  Citigroup Global Markets Asia Katherine D'Arcy  
  CLP Power Hong Kong Richard Morse  
  CS Culture Foundation Susie Chiang  
  China Unicom HK/China William Lo  
  Dah Sing Bank Derek Wong  
  Edith Scott and Associates Edith Scott  
  ExxonMobil China Investment P C Tan  
  Fedex Express Eddy Chan  
  First Eastern Investment Group Victor L L Chu  
  InvestHK Philip Kung  
  InvestHK Benjamin Wong  
  InvestHK Lawrence Chan  
  Lamsoon Jim Tsao  
  Securities and Futures Commission, HKSAR Peter Auyang  
  Standard Chartered Bank Katherine Tsang  
  Sun Wah Group Jonathan Choi  
  The Nature Conservancy Jaclyn Cho  
  Tsinlien Group Dong Wei