Growing with China, the Bayer way

With Greater China now among the fastest-growing markets in the world, Bayer has stepped up its involvement here. Continuing its successful strategy of investing in tandem with the development of the host country, the company offers solutions to China's needs in healthcare, nutrition and high-tech materials. Bayer is committed to sustainable development in China, and so pays equal attention to economic, ecological and social issues.

Bayer is a group of research-oriented companies doing business across a wide range of industries worldwide. Its major divisions include Bayer HealthCare, Bayer MaterialScience and Bayer CropScience. A focus on innovation and development form the basis for a current portfolio of some 5,000 products.

China has become one of Bayer's major global investment destinations. The company's involvement began in 1882, when it first sold dyes here. Today, the Greater China Country Group is Bayer's second-largest single market in Asia, with sales of around 1.45 billion euros in 2004; and employs some 2,700 people. Bayer is represented in Greater China by a total of 17 companies, 11 of them production facilities. Local production accounts for an increasing proportion of sales, providing the basis to offer customers in China high quality products that improve quality of life, as well as creating quality jobs in the high-tech sector.

The current investment strategy has as its centerpiece the world-scale, world-class integrated chemical site in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park. This project, to which US$1.8 billion is already committed, represents an historic investment for Bayer and ranks among the largest investments in China by any multinational company.

In addition, Bayer continues to place an emphasis on sustainable development and the environment. For instance, Bayer CropScience has developed the AgriCare philosophy to help meet the challenges now facing Chinese agriculture. AgriCare is a full scope responsible care programme for the crop protection industry, which stresses the protection of industrial and farm workers, the environment and end consumers. Bayer Technology Services offers complete solutions for chemical and pharmaceutical plants that optimize processes and energy use, and minimize the impact on the environment. Polyurethanes from Bayer MaterialScience, can ensure tight insulation throughout the entire cold chain or better insulation in housing, thus reducing energy consumption.

Bayer has certainly learned from doing business in China, and also brings its own philosophy to China: foreign companies must become a part of the communities where they operate. Bayer takes this responsibility to give something back to the community very seriously. Maintaining a strong sense of social responsibility enhances the company's standing, and therefore its value. Bayer's involvement in the community in China stretches across a wide range of initiatives, including environmental education, poverty alleviation, vocational training and public health.

Working together with the United Nations and local partners, the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy programme enhances environmental awareness amongst young people in China, creating responsible leaders for the future.

Bayer China supports the Special Olympics, an organization dedicated to empowering individuals with intellectual disabilities.

The company promotes special athletes across China, supporting three special schools in Beijing and Shanghai.

Public health is a major concern for Bayer, and at the core of its competencies. The Healthy Living radio programme provides listeners across China with important information on personal health. In partnership with Beijing's Tsinghua University, the Tsinghua-Bayer Public Health and HIV/AIDS Media Studies Programme aims to raise awareness of public health issues by training journalists to cover them accurately and conscientiously.

The current period of unprecedented growth offer opportunities for those willing to embrace their responsibilities as well as grasp opportunities.Bayer for one is ready to thrive and grow with China.


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