Event proves effective

China Daily has successfully organized eight CEO roundtables participated in by over 250 CEOs and senior executives of multinational companies operating in China.

"They are the movers and shakers of business in China," said Alexander Wan, programme director of China Daily Roundtable. Delegates were invited out of a carefully developed database so that they will be able to be representative of their own industries and sectors.

Wan was particularly pleased to see that the format and proceedings of those roundtables has been widely accepted by delegates. "Discussions and comments were just so open and free that at some point people did not mind being challenged on their points or arguments. These roundtables have maintained a 100 per cent attendance record so far, probably second to none in terms of any CEO network and forums."

"The most appealing feature of our roundtables," said Wan, "is the meeting of minds with years of practical experience in the China market. Many of our CEO delegates are already the third or fourth generation operators in China.

herefore they are particularly delighted to meet fellow CEOs who are equally knowledgeable."

The past sessions of roundtables touched on major macro as well as sector-specific issues which include the macro-economy, regional economies, banking, Chinese brands, entertainment, and lifestyle products.

The latest one was held under the theme "Addressing the new China, the road ahead for multinational companies."

Wan said these roundtables will be held in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities in China as well as in Hong Kong in 2005 as the demand is overwhelming.
China Daily is the country's first English national newspaper to have organized such high-level CEO events in China.

(February 28, 2005)

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